Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam provides the world with a unique roofing option. Using special materials and innovative equipment, WRI Applications is able to literally manufacture a high quality seamless roof right on your job site. This new roof conforms to irregular shapes, fixes problems, and is strong & self-flashing.

Spray foam roofing is actually kind of fun to take an ugly, failing roof and transform it into a solid work of art. We’ve been doing this for 29-years. It also offers the highest R-value of any traditional roofing insulation, leading to decreased energy consumption.


Spraying silver polyurea topcoat on 2" SPF roof.
SPF roof with silicone coating and 3M granules.

Superior long-term insulation performance. These roofs often pay for themselves in reduced energy consumption – before the warranty is up. With over 7-million square feet of SPF roofing, Texas A M University has carefully studied this aspect. The results are astounding. TAMU was able to recover the complete cost of the roof application through energy savings in an average of four and one-half years.

High compressive strengths. A square foot of three-pound roofing foam has almost 3.5 tons of compressive strength.

Ease of application This technology intensive roofing requires less labor than conventional flat roofing systems. That means that more of your money stays on your property, instead of leaving in employee pockets.

Sustainable Properly maintained, foam roofs can last for 50-years or more.

Seamless Spray foam roofing eliminates joints and seams and the leaks associated with them.

Adhesion. The ability of spray-applied roofing to adhere to the structure is without equal.  In laboratory testing at Underwriters Laboratories Inc, spray foam roofing exceeded their wind-uplift testing equipment (250 MPH).  In other words, “We don’t know what it takes to blow one off.  All we know is that it’s beyond our ability.”