What’s Polyurea?

Fast-Set Spray-Applied Rubber

Polyurea is a remarkable technology with a range of uses limited only by your imagination. More simply, it is a fast-set spray-applied rubber that has hundreds of uses. From truck bed liners to commercial roofing, polyurea is making our world more durable, more colorful, and more waterproof!

On metal roofs, Polyurea is a durable, watertight custom-formed membrane over the structure. It’s ability to outlast paint, and stop corrosion is even more popular with customers. Used with spray roofing foam, it changes the physical properties of the roof into a seamless, monolithic system.

 Advantages & Benefits

No VOC’s

Little to No Odor

Weather Tolerant: Cures at -25ºF to >300ºF even in High Humidity

Excellent Resistance to Thermal Shock

Flexible: Bridges Cracks

Waterproof, Seamless and Resilient

Unlimited Mil Thickness in One Application

Spray, Hand Mix and Caulk Grade Materials

Sprayed Polyureas cure in 20-30 secs.

Excellent Bond Strengths to Properly Prepared Substrates

Resistant to Various Solvents, Caustics and Mild Acids

Low Permeability & High Sustainability


Other Popular Uses for Polyurea

Water Containment

Commercial Flooring

Joint Fill/Caulk

Truck Bed Liners