Membrane Roofing

Spray foam provides the world with a unique roofing option. Using special materials and innovative equipment, WRI Applications is able to literally manufacture a high quality seamless roof right on your job site. This new roof conforms to irregular shapes, fixes problems, and is strong & self-flashing.

Spray foam roofing is actually kind of fun to take an ugly, failing roof and transform it into a solid work of art. We’ve been doing this for 29-years. It also offers the highest R-value of any traditional roofing insulation, leading to decreased energy consumption.


Superior waterproofing performance. Membrane roofs are very effective when seams are heat-welded and base flashings are combined with SPF.  Some situations where membrane roofs are preferable:

  • Older poorly-maintained SPF roofing.
  • Where insulation value is of lesser concern than waterproofing.
  • Buildings where SPF isn’t practical or feasible.

Tear Resistance.  A scrim-reinforced .060 TPO membrane is extremely difficult to tear. That durability makes the roof less vulnerable to damage.

Ease of application Coupled with SPF flashings, a TPO membrane roof is easier to apply and better. That means that more of your money stays on your property, instead of leaving in employee pockets.

Sustainable.  Membrane roofs can be recoated with acrylic or polyurea coatings, extending their life to 40-50 years.

Efficient.  White TPO membrane roofs have over 80% reflectivity.  This means that the roof will be much cooler during summer months.  TPO also resists dirt pickup much better than DuroLast PVC, which become extremely dirty over time.  TPO remains cleaner and more attractive over the lifetime of the roof.

Adhesion. A full-adhered TPO roof coupled with SPF flashings has tremendous wind-uplift resistance.  Not as good as SPF, but better than most other roofing systems.