WRI Applications, LLC

Dylan Wagoner & Gerry Wagoner

Welcome to the world of WRI. We are a family-owned company that specializes in spray-applied roofing and insulation. In this website I hope you will catch the excitement that spray-applications are causing throughout our world. The polyurethane molecule really gets around, and I’ll tell you why. It works! Coming soon to a home or business near you…

In 1977, Gerry went to work for F&M Contractors in Clayton, OH. During his eight years there he became convinced that better roofing & insulation material was needed in the construction industry. In the spring of 1985, He left F&M to start Wagoner Roofing Co. in Arcanum.

The business is currently called WRi Applications LLC. He purchased his first spray-foam machine in 1985 and began using polyurethane foam for commercial roofing and special insulation. The business grew rapidly over the next few years and spray foam is a major part of its growth — growth due to its exceptional sealing and insulative qualities. Today we are blessed to have three state-of-the art spray machines and a large 12,000 ft² modern shop.